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Get editorial support and exposure. Be featured in Totalprestige℠ Magazine print edition and TotalprestigeMagazine.com.

Totalprestige℠ Magazine website was launched in 2006 with the goal of being a platform for its members upon which they could get to know and become familiar with one another. As the official magazine of Totalprestige℠, Totalprestige Magazine mainly features and promotes members and their related businesses.

The print version of the magazine was first published on May 2010.


Are you looking for business development nationally or internationally? Financing? New business opportunities? Partnerships? Do you want to increase your sales?

Whenever your membership starts, we assign you an account manager for introductions, referrals and promotions.

These service-oriented individuals are committed to connecting you to the right people and resources at the right time.


Our members are frequent travelers who jet around the globe for businesses and pleasure. Due to the amount of travel our members enjoy, we offer the world’s lowest hotel rates in more than 1,2M hotels, discounted airfare from First to Business to Economy Class, PLUS car rentals and entertainment tickets.

We work hand in hand with the world’s largest travel technology company with more than 25 years of expertise, 130 million clients, and over $2 billion annual sales. Our password-protected travel booking site is ready for you to book your next flight, airport transfer, hotel, and manage your reservations all in one convenient place.


Totalprestige℠ Magazine digital edition. Delivered straight to your inbox.

Branding and marketing collateral. We provide you with web badges and decals that you can use to share your affiliation with Totalprestige℠ at your location, on social media, and in your newsletters and websites. You can use these materials to build credibility with clients, employees, partners and investors.

Newsletter. Get Totalprestige℠ newsletters with information on new members and inspiration that helps you learn, discover and do better business.

Member’s Bulletin. Included in the newsletter, this is the area featuring members’ business opportunities along with exclusive deals from members to members.


Members have the opportunity to avail extra benefits such as special discounted advertising rates in Totalprestige Magazine, in attendance to special galas and in print magazine subscription. However, these benefits come with extra costs and require additional fees.


Totalprestige Business Club welcomes multinational, medium and small size companies, and local businesses. Requirements are:

To commit yourself to attend in a preferential way any member that may contact you.

To make sure your membership dues are current to ensure you receive all benefits included in your membership.

If you are a business owner or a C-level executive, please click below to join. Totalprestige Business Club offers three different membership types: Lifetime Membership, Yearly Membership and Business Membership*.

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